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Hydraulic lift characteristics and working principle

Lift from the running gear, hydraulic, electrical and control institutions, supporting institutions of a lift. Hydraulic vane pump oil from the formation of a certain pressure, the oil filter, explosion-proof solenoid valve, throttle valve, check valve, balancing valve into the fluid tank bottom, so that the upward movement of the piston-cylinder liquid to enhance the re- objects, back to the top of the oil by the hydraulic cylinder explosion-proof solenoid valve to tank, the rated pressure through the relief valve to adjust observed by pressure gauge pressure gauge readings.

First, the principle

Hydraulic lift platform products according to work is divided into crank hydraulic lifts, hydraulic scissors lifts, hydraulic lift column masts, hydraulic lift arm. Hydraulic lift is folded arm lift (lift platform), scissor lift (lift platform) generation product. Can be used in railway stations, docks, airports, hotels, telecommunications, municipal gardens, grain storage, cleaning companies, public building facade decoration, renovation or installation and maintenance of power systems and so on. The lift has a light weight, self-propelled, electric start, self-legs, simple operation, a large work surface, especially in high-altitude operations across barriers and so on.

1, hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four mobile, two tractor, modified car type, car-type battery, auxiliary self-propelled, lifting height from 4-18 m range. This series is divided into 0.1 to 0.8 tons load can also be customized according to user requirements, the maximum load of up to 10 tons.

2, hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in industrial and mining plant maintenance, municipal building, the decoration of hotels, reliable quality and performance improvement.

3, the user can choose according to their use of power and configuration mode:
① Power system: Battery DC power supply, single phase or three phase power supply, diesel engine.
② walking: assisted self-propelled, two tractor, car type, and vehicle conversion type.
③ leg: leg mechanical, hydraulic legs, ordinary hand-leg, pull-out legs.
④ control system: explosion-proof electric control system, remote control system, PIC control system.
⑤ pump station: Domestic lifting platform dedicated pumping station, pumping stations imported from Italy
⑥ outside the protection device: organ cover type, mesh type, iron sealed.

Third, the use of

Hydraulic lift is widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical and other industrial enterprises and filling production line to meet the needs of different operating height of lift, but can be equipped with all kinds of table forms (such as ball, roller, wheel , turning, tilting, telescopic), with a variety of control (Iso, linkage, explosion-proof), with a smooth and accurate movements, frequent start, load and other characteristics of an effective solution to all kinds of industrial enterprises in difficulty lifting operations, the ease of production operations.

Hydraulic lifting platform is the pressure of hydraulic oil through the transmission to achieve the lifting of the function, its scissor mechanical structure, the lift has a higher stability of the lifting, large platform and a higher carrying capacity, so high above the ground range larger, and for more than the same operation. It enables high-altitude operations more efficient, safer and more protected.

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